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Today’s Farm Life’s Annual Harvest Helper Award

Every havest season, there is that someone special that works a little above and beyond to help the harvest season run smooth.  We want to recognize that person and present them with our "Harvest Helper Award".  The award also has a Prize Package including a variety of gift certificates for them to enjoy.   So, E-mail us your name for the harvest lunch and then tell us a little about someone special on your harvest team and why you would like to recognize them. 

email your entries to us at........ 

Remember always feel good about what you do today, because what you do today is important. 

Here’s how it works:

  • The day we present the award, we will treat the crew with lunch from County Fair Food Store.
  • During that lunch, we will recognize the winner for all their hard work and present them with this year’s Harvest Helper Award.

Proudly recognizing that ‘one person’ you feel is a crucial part of your Harvest Season

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